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All our services are available in various languages. On our website, you can browse among our exclusive designs of menswear and women’s wear classified according to international dressing protocol standards. For easy reference, each design has a fantasy name.

Feel free to browse our casual, business and evening wear models and the available fabric samples which come along with practical suggestions as to which fabric suits the desired style the best. Of course, the samples presented on our website are indicative only and the materials to be used for your piece of garment or complete outfit(s) will be selected to order. Likewise, the cut can be the same as or only similar to the original design – as you wish and best suits you. If you know your measures, we are happy to prepare a non-binding preliminary calculation in view of the chosen fabric and the cut of the desired piece of garment.

Our services are focused on serving your needs from helping you choose the cut, colours and attire that best fits the purpose and occasion to creating your custom fitted and styled outfit based on any of the designs presented on our website.


We also offer personal designer and style consulting services: your chosen outfit will be designed according to your individual needs, size, style, personal colours and will be prepared from the fabric chosen by you in a short period of time. The desired garments are discussed with you in detail as part of a personal consulting session before you make any order then assist you with fabric selection and purchase. Style advice is free of charge. It goes without saying that the buttons and backing material used match the chosen design in both colour and style.

We use high quality, easy-to-wear fabrics made in the UK, Germany, Spain, France and in Italy: primarily cashmere, wool, silk, lace and other fine couture fabrics as well as leather and fur.

As a matter of course, we prepare your garment from any fabric you purchased elsewhere and also repair clothes (e.g. turn-ups, re-backing, narrowing etc.)

We can also make or obtain the accessories (shawl, hat, shoes, handbag, jewellery etc.) to your personal collection.


Please feel free to write us an email in English.

Mail: Szűr Krisztina krisztina@multistyle.hu

Mobile: +36/30 9 65 56 65

Address: Budapest, Margit krt. 58. (Buda side, near Mammut)

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Repair costs
Turn-ups until - 10000.-
Narrowing until - 10000.-
Adjusting from 10000.-
Change of the zip until - 12000.-
Change of the lining from 5800.-
Fabric  Textile   Leather, fur
Top,Shirt,Blouse, mens shirt until - 45.000   - 65.000 
Leasure suit until - 25.000  -
Waistcoat until - 35.000 - 45.000
Dress until - 60.000 - 80.000
Skirt,Trousers/men+woman until 45.000 - 60.000
Blazers, Jacket until - 60.000 - 100.000
Coat until - 90.000 - 120.000
Evening dress  - 250.000  
Formal suits  - 350.000  
Wedding dress  - 550.000  
Formal mens suit 200.000 - 350.000  


All prices in HUF, incl. ÁFA. Exact prices will be calculated on the session!

Plus costs, material, accessorizing, translating and personal shopping is not included!